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About progress and consensus

What is happening now is a struggle against progress. The desire to fence oneself off, to close one’s eyes and not notice the obvious. Culture is changing, technology is growing, human connections are evolving. Yes, our heritage and cultural traditions are very important. Of course, we should cherish and support them, but not accepting something new is a big mistake! The strength of the new generation has always been that they have both our heritage and new, fresh ideas. That’s why they say that children are better than their parents.

Any progress is unstoppable, and the scientific community should understand it better than anyone else. That’s why I’m eagerly waiting for the doors to open in the political system, for the fossilized pensioners to go outside to enjoy their carefree life, and for the young blood to come and take their place.

The young blood, understanding and using technology, realizing the variability of culture, and also able to use changes for good and adapt flexibly to them, without forgetting about heritage. Music, movies, painting.

Dividing people into “black” and “white” frames does not add anything to civil society. Z-patriots conservatives (we can repeat), who blindly trust propaganda, are closed to getting information from other sources and impose censorship on alternative opinions. The same story with the liberal community, which also bullying opponents, bans, mute speakers with opposite opinions. They insult and categorically reject others’ opinions.

It should be understood that each of us is unique and distinguishable, and each of us is capable of making our own contribution to society. The most productive way to progress is to listen to each others and address cultural, social, and political differences to take measures to solve the most significant problems of society.

Two years ago, I couldn’t even imagine

This year I constantly catch myself thinking that things are happening that I couldn’t even imagine not long ago:

  • Russia’s war with Ukraine, which is accompanied by the possibility of using nuclear weapons, primitive and flawed propaganda with inciting interethnic hatred. The freedom of speech has completely disappeared, and dissent is punished with fines and imprisonment
  • The birth of children and forced emigration first from Moscow to Sochi (a two-day drive), then from Sochi to Kazakhstan with family and car
  • The split in opinions in Russia has led to conflicts and quarrels, including among close people
  • A global crisis in the IT industry. Many giant companies are cutting jobs and thousands of IT specialists are being let go
  • Against the backdrop of the global crisis and war, many talented developers (especially single ones) refuse to leave the country (if they have the opportunity) and patiently wait until they are asked to go to war
  • ChatGPT is already ready to compete with many professionals. Now it is writing code fairly well in all languages based on the text specification, identifying vulnerabilities and bugs in any code, and you can also write a good text in any language for LinkedIn
  • Against the backdrop of attractive salaries in IT, education has been put on the fast track, and IT has lost some of its subculture. A very large percentage of specialists are motivated solely by money.

Some points turn the mind upside down:

  • People who taught us about kindness and national unity scold us for smoking cigarettes and fighting in school – they support the war
  • There are still people who are abstracted from what is happening
  • Among the supporters, there are also Orthodox people
  • Israel is attacking Palestine, which also does not cause any particular oppression in the Orthodox community
  • The result of years of one person’s work as a manager is impoverishment of the population, an unattainable level of corruption and a third world war. But people will continue to repeat “who if not him?”.

What I have learned as a result of this

You need to stay away from any ideology, especially one that imposes exclusivity on you. The world is huge. There are countless knowledge and opportunities. The modern world gives a chance to be free, to choose a home where you feel comfortable anywhere on the planet.

Those who were silent, stopped being silent. Those who have nothing to wait for, saddle up.

Three years ago, I couldn’t understand why patriotic education was happening through militarization: the “Young Army”, concerts with military themes, periodic exhibitions of military equipment. Why do the military get such cheap mortgages instead of scientists? Today, there are no more questions left, and the government’s course is finally clear to me.

I am very sorry that Russia does not have its own Elon Musks, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. Obviously, they won’t grow here for at least 50 years. Aggression, the desire to take everything away from a successful neighbor, envy, rudeness, the desire for a free ride, the desire to deceive a neighbor – all of this is not close to me and disgusting.

It is already clear to me that I will not see innovative developments, advanced technologies, and space exploration in Russia in my lifetime. These will be pathetic parodies like phones from China with Google OS and US hardware, piracy, and perhaps some clones of popular services that will always lag behind in technical implementation, will be contaminated with kickbacks and embezzlement.

I have no desire to participate in a company that replaces imported services that have left Russia. I have learned my lessons from the situation with Pavel Durov and VKontakte, Yevgeny Chichvarkin, and the Nginx project. I opened and closed an individual entrepreneur, knocked on the doors of the tax authorities and Roskomnadzor. That’s enough, thanks.

I have decided to invest in education in the near future and evacuate my family and children. So that the children grow up free, without insane censorship. So that they can calmly say that 2 * 2 = 4, and the setting is for creation and not destruction.

PS: Yes, I understand perfectly well that censorship exists everywhere to some extent, and I also understand that now there will be prejudice against Russians in many places. But I believe that children have more chances to grow up open to the whole world there than here.

My GameDev comeback #3

My third appearance in GameDev turned out to be quite productive.

Once again, my nostalgia for a closed gaming project Rival Fire in which our clan fought hordes of monsters and won in 4×4 and 2×2 PvP competitions, led me to try writing a similar project from scratch.

I have long wanted to try my hand at creating gaming worlds. But reading literature and creating primitive prototypes did not satisfy me. Now, I am determined to create a working prototype of a multiplayer mobile game. The main resource is time, and there is never enough of it. Of course, after a successful experience, I plan to outsource the character models, weapons, and locations.

Game client

I decided to use the Unity 3D engine for the game client. To create a working prototype, I used free models that are available, so as not to burn out at the stage of graphic design. Although I have gained experience working in Blender over the past three years, rendering 3D models takes a lot of effort. So for now, the only graphic design I have is for the UI.

On alpha version i planed

  • The CO-OP level battle (up to four online players) will have waves where the player and their team will have to clear the location of various monsters (from flying to crawling) and fight a boss on the final wave.
  • PVP 1v1 battle on a mirrored arena.


I have written the match server on Node.js. For client-server communication, I use web sockets and the JSON format. Each match instantiates a process that serves the game session for all match game clients on a specific network port. I have not yet determined if it is a good idea to use the TCP protocol instead of UDP. However, there were no issues during testing with two devices simultaneously

Currently, the server successfully spawns NPC monsters according to the scenario from the database for all game clients.

A big topic for discussion is the synchronization of positioning and actions of the player, especially in cases where packets are lost. It may occur that on the player’s client, the character is already at point C, while for everyone else (due to lost data), the character is at point B.

Game assets

I have decided to put in-game assets that may undergo frequent changes (characters, models, sounds, shooting logic) in an Asset Bundle and check for updates every time the game client is launched. This is usually done in modern games to avoid forcing users to constantly download the app from the market during hotfixes, and also to reduce the initial size of the game to prevent scaring off players.

Git repo

The game includes server and client code. Storing the server code is easy because it only takes up 4 megabytes, but it’s more difficult for the client. Raw textures for prebuilds take up about a gigabyte and will continue to grow. That’s why I decided to build my own Git server at home using a Raspberry Pi 4.

I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 along with a casing, cooler, and a 512GB M.2 SSD, and I am transferring all the code locally to the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi 4 in an M.2 Argon case looks like a TV set-top box.

Case and ssd extension you can find out here:

I also set up a copy of the server on it and am testing the entire gameplay process locally with two computers. I think later I will show how funny my tests look from the outside.

Gift from work

The package has arrived from the main office. Update!

Apple MacBook Pro 16 Touch Bar 2019 Silver MVVL2RU/A (16 “, 3072×1920 (8:5), Intel, Core i7, 16 Гб, SSD)

The most expensive computer I’ve ever owned in my life

My 2015 Macbook that I bought before moving to Sochi in 2016 from the Yahoo auction is no longer able to handle my work 😉

In short, I am very satisfied with the package! Working has become even more enjoyable now.

Assembling a 3x3x3 cube

Last week, due to having an excess of free time, I learned how to solve a cube. The video is old and accelerated. Now, I have a different sweatshirt and I am already much faster at solving it. ;D

We spend time in social distancing with benefit.


Here’s what 5G towers do. They make you bald. What will happen when they turn them on!

Todo list

I have this fairly ancient tradition to make a wish list at the beginning of the year. It is a list of desires and goals that I want to achieve in the new year.

So, recently I stumbled upon old notes that I made in 2015 and was surprised to see how things that seemed important change over time.

For example, the 2015 list of goals included:

  • Buy a camera
  • Rent an own apartment without parrents
  • Launch free public Wi-Fi in own city

Over the past two years, I have gone through a lot of spiritual, esoteric literature, and psychological work, purely out of academic interest. I do not subscribe to any particular view and still reject the attitude towards any specific socionics type. Now, everything that falls within my goals is only related to the development of abilities and understanding of the surrounding world.

Therefore, I am adding to the list by enrolling in a music school and traveling through Europe.

Of course, meanwhile, I continue to work in my favorite profession, constantly improving in my field, reading articles, and attending conferences. I love my work and am happy that it gives me the opportunity for personal growth. Moreover, I have never chased money. And I still believe that life gives me as much as I need.


Accidentally got a scooter at a very low price during a rental sale.

Weight: 12 kg, range: 20 km. There’s something fun about zooming along the roads during rush hour at 25 km/h (not far). Or cruising along a long waterfront/park and then storing it in the car trunk. It doesn’t take up much space when folded.

Yesterday, I went for a test drive and rode to a bar (12 km) uphill. The battery died just as I got back to my house.