Two years ago, I couldn’t even imagine

This year I constantly catch myself thinking that things are happening that I couldn’t even imagine not long ago:

  • Russia’s war with Ukraine, which is accompanied by the possibility of using nuclear weapons, primitive and flawed propaganda with inciting interethnic hatred. The freedom of speech has completely disappeared, and dissent is punished with fines and imprisonment
  • The birth of children and forced emigration first from Moscow to Sochi (a two-day drive), then from Sochi to Kazakhstan with family and car
  • The split in opinions in Russia has led to conflicts and quarrels, including among close people
  • A global crisis in the IT industry. Many giant companies are cutting jobs and thousands of IT specialists are being let go
  • Against the backdrop of the global crisis and war, many talented developers (especially single ones) refuse to leave the country (if they have the opportunity) and patiently wait until they are asked to go to war
  • ChatGPT is already ready to compete with many professionals. Now it is writing code fairly well in all languages based on the text specification, identifying vulnerabilities and bugs in any code, and you can also write a good text in any language for LinkedIn
  • Against the backdrop of attractive salaries in IT, education has been put on the fast track, and IT has lost some of its subculture. A very large percentage of specialists are motivated solely by money.

Some points turn the mind upside down:

  • People who taught us about kindness and national unity scold us for smoking cigarettes and fighting in school – they support the war
  • There are still people who are abstracted from what is happening
  • Among the supporters, there are also Orthodox people
  • Israel is attacking Palestine, which also does not cause any particular oppression in the Orthodox community
  • The result of years of one person’s work as a manager is impoverishment of the population, an unattainable level of corruption and a third world war. But people will continue to repeat “who if not him?”.

What I have learned as a result of this

You need to stay away from any ideology, especially one that imposes exclusivity on you. The world is huge. There are countless knowledge and opportunities. The modern world gives a chance to be free, to choose a home where you feel comfortable anywhere on the planet.