About progress and consensus

What is happening now is a struggle against progress. The desire to fence oneself off, to close one’s eyes and not notice the obvious. Culture is changing, technology is growing, human connections are evolving. Yes, our heritage and cultural traditions are very important. Of course, we should cherish and support them, but not accepting something new is a big mistake! The strength of the new generation has always been that they have both our heritage and new, fresh ideas. That’s why they say that children are better than their parents.

Any progress is unstoppable, and the scientific community should understand it better than anyone else. That’s why I’m eagerly waiting for the doors to open in the political system, for the fossilized pensioners to go outside to enjoy their carefree life, and for the young blood to come and take their place.

The young blood, understanding and using technology, realizing the variability of culture, and also able to use changes for good and adapt flexibly to them, without forgetting about heritage. Music, movies, painting.

Dividing people into “black” and “white” frames does not add anything to civil society. Z-patriots conservatives (we can repeat), who blindly trust propaganda, are closed to getting information from other sources and impose censorship on alternative opinions. The same story with the liberal community, which also bullying opponents, bans, mute speakers with opposite opinions. They insult and categorically reject others’ opinions.

It should be understood that each of us is unique and distinguishable, and each of us is capable of making our own contribution to society. The most productive way to progress is to listen to each others and address cultural, social, and political differences to take measures to solve the most significant problems of society.