Those who were silent, stopped being silent. Those who have nothing to wait for, saddle up.

Three years ago, I couldn’t understand why patriotic education was happening through militarization: the “Young Army”, concerts with military themes, periodic exhibitions of military equipment. Why do the military get such cheap mortgages instead of scientists? Today, there are no more questions left, and the government’s course is finally clear to me.

I am very sorry that Russia does not have its own Elon Musks, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. Obviously, they won’t grow here for at least 50 years. Aggression, the desire to take everything away from a successful neighbor, envy, rudeness, the desire for a free ride, the desire to deceive a neighbor – all of this is not close to me and disgusting.

It is already clear to me that I will not see innovative developments, advanced technologies, and space exploration in Russia in my lifetime. These will be pathetic parodies like phones from China with Google OS and US hardware, piracy, and perhaps some clones of popular services that will always lag behind in technical implementation, will be contaminated with kickbacks and embezzlement.

I have no desire to participate in a company that replaces imported services that have left Russia. I have learned my lessons from the situation with Pavel Durov and VKontakte, Yevgeny Chichvarkin, and the Nginx project. I opened and closed an individual entrepreneur, knocked on the doors of the tax authorities and Roskomnadzor. That’s enough, thanks.

I have decided to invest in education in the near future and evacuate my family and children. So that the children grow up free, without insane censorship. So that they can calmly say that 2 * 2 = 4, and the setting is for creation and not destruction.

PS: Yes, I understand perfectly well that censorship exists everywhere to some extent, and I also understand that now there will be prejudice against Russians in many places. But I believe that children have more chances to grow up open to the whole world there than here.