Meeting with the Zolotukhin brothers and the New Wave festival

Today I decided to take a walk and enjoy the autumn landscapes as usual. While walking down our pedestrian street, I suddenly saw the Zolotukhin brothers!

I just sat on the curb and was transfixed by their performance for an hour and a half. I couldn’t understand why these guys, who easily hit three octaves and play complex guitar parts without any pretension, are not appreciated much in our country. Why do thousands of people attend “New Wave” to watch some pompous guy from TV open his mouth to sing his mediocre song while showcasing his hairstyle, suit, and expensive glasses? How did it come to pass that artists who sing “I Fucked Your Chick” and “Lada Sedan – Eggplant” make a fortune and have a massive audience, while true musicians earn just pennies?

It’s not about the musicians; it’s about the audience. I don’t think it has to do with musical tastes either. If you advertise a piece of crap enough, people will flock to it like it’s the mausoleum. Popularity is certainly the decisive factor. Nowadays, popularity is equivalent to the amount of money invested in the artist.

However, there are indie musicians like Antokha MC, who went straight from the internet to performing in concert halls without too much investment. But this is an exception to the rule.

Overall, I can’t find an answer as to why music in Russia has become fast food. Bands, songs – they’re now seasonal. After a year, no one remembers them anymore. We don’t have new Talikovs, Shevchiks, Tsoys, Vysotskys… Or maybe we don’t need them?